Use Our Cheat Sheet To Choose the Best Syndication Partners

We all understand why it's important to invest in asset-backed real estate... it is a powerful vehicle for building long-term wealth whilst diversifying a substantial portion of your assets outside of the often volatile stock markets. But how to successfully invest in real estate with low hassle and high impact is not a path well known or understood by the average working professional.

It's not as hard as you might imagine, but as humans we always seem to automatically fear (or presume impossible) anything not known to us. In our experience, probably the best and safest way to invest in real estate without having to deal hands-on with the 3 T’s (Tenants, Trash, Toilets) is to invest collectively with other investors in a private offering or syndication.

In a syndication, a professional real estate operator (also called an asset manager or project sponsor or general partner) manages all aspects of the investment business plan, start to...

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